Change Your Thoughts.. Change your Life.. Change your Story..

I realize you came to this Universal SPACE and Tribe to gather knowledge, be awaken, find yourself, be enlightened, become aware of new age Marketing, Sales and Promotional techniques and Best practices, and Management Styles and techniques that will make you become a Mindful Individual be able to perform at your Peak and attain excellence in what you do, learn more about Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Attract whatever you want in life and more all leading to a Life free of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and  Finding your True Self True Purpose, Self-worth, self-confidence and Excellence, , Be able to Lead a life of Abundance of Happiness, Health, Wealth and Spirituality and Become the Best version of yourself Mind Body and Soul.

And my heartfelt wishes is that for you to become apart of this Tribe and engage, embrace and absorb the knowledge and practices and make them an integral part of your day to day life and vibe in person with your Transformational Guru G Coach personalized one to one OR Group engagements and Connect and vibe via personal one to one engagements or via online engagements though for certain engagements one to one Live engagements are required and advised for the best outcome for yourself to receive what you deserve

However until we meet in person via online or face to face as a way of my gratitude for being apart of my Tribe and obtain My Prayers and Blessings created this Resource Page to share Knowledge and practices that if Guaranteed to make you become The Best Version of yourself and to change your thoughts which will change your life which will change your Life Story.

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In your Journey to Become the Best Version of Yourself the following two knowledge capsules will be change agents in your behavior:

Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) & The Swish Pattern (Click on The Swish Pattern)

Manage your responses to your stressful situations, dissolve the feelings attached to unwanted thoughts and create Empowering Belief and Positive change in Behavior

Transform to be in “The Now” through Mindfulness Meditation (Click on Mindfulness Meditation)

Through Mindful Meditation you can relieve Stress and Anxiety, let go of negativity, relax and calm your Body and Mind, Helps to become aware of your triggers for Anger and Reasons for your Depression all of which will lead you to a better Physical and mental states, transforming and paving the way for you to Become the Best version of yourself