Welcome to the Transformational Guru G Coach

My name is Sanjeev Ganeshan your Transformational Guru G Coach and welcome to my Tribe and this Universal Space (Website) which can help you if:

  • You want to find your True Purpose in Life and start living a positive, happy and fulfilled Life
  • You want to Become the Best Version of yourself – Find your core, self-worth, self confidence
  • You want to Know the Secrets beyond the Secret and the Law of Attraction
  • You want to Shed away Stress, Anxiety, Worries and Anger and attain Inner Peace by learning the Wisdom of the secrets of Meditation Mastery
  • You want to How to Master your Mind
  • You want to Manifest unlimited abundance in wealth, health, Happiness and spirituality
  • You want to strive for personal and professional excellence
  • You want to become a New Age Marketer and Brand Specialist with resilience no matter what Mind Body and Soul
  • You want to become the Best Saleswomen or Salesman in the World
  • You want to bring out the Lion in you in todays fierce Corporate Jungle and learn the secrets of success for survival and to be become the Lion of the Jungle
  • You want to learn and gather knowledge beyond an MBA or Doctorate
  • You to Learn about the Frequencies, Quantum Physics and Universe
  • You to learn about nutrition, wellness and the art and science of breathing
  • Beyond the Universe and CONNECTING with the Divine and UNIVERSAL forces – Spirituality and Beyond

OR If you are seeking Wisdom, Enlightenment and Transformation in your personal Life Journey and for professional excellence with New found knowledge from ancient scriptures and readings which will ensure you and your team will be resilient no matter what together with teachings from Gurus, Mentors and Coaches who I have been BLESSED to learn from and will continue to do so in my Life Journey and therefore if yes to the above then you need not search any other Universal Space cause you are in the right Space and Tribe to Vide and Transform to become the Best Version of Yourself

Why the Information on this Universal Space (Website) is Platinum Standard and THE WORD

Your Transformational Guru G Coach is one not to mince his words and one who does not embrace status Quo or anything for what it is…. therefore, what one will be enlightened with knowledge and information which have been researched questioned and where deep study done and where required where the Calling, Universe and Divine has validated and the Voice has spoken after which will share with you all with proven sciences.

Your modern-day Transformational Guru G Coach believes and follows pantheism. And for those who don’t know what pantheism is in a nutshell is when you see God in the whole world around you. Furthermore, Pantheism implies a lack of separation between people, things, and God, but rather sees everything as being interconnected. More rarely, pantheism refers to a belief in all gods from all religions, or a tolerance for those beliefs. In Greek, pan means “all” and theos means “god.”

Stemming from this belief and the deep readings as your Transformational Guru G Coach combine the deep strength of Christian faith, Buddhist and Hindu learnings and way of life, teachings of Islam with the insights of modern science.

In addition to this having being BLESSED to be touched and connected by the Universe and the Divine with Gurus, Swamis and Mentors from the Scared Land of the Indian Subcontinent and being showered with their Knowledge and Wisdom together with the knowledge from Mentors, Coaches, Great Leaders and Scientists past and current combine traditional and Ancient together with New Age techniques, manifestation and affirmations, mastery meditation techniques, Mind Power practices to guide you and awaken you from leading a life of mere existence to a higher enlightened Life Journey of purpose and fulfillment

My Practices and learnings for the various areas of Mind Body and Soul were born through the experiences that I encountered in the “trenches” and sought answers to ensure that I become the Best Version of myself in personal and professional journey and for me to be able to share these with the Universe to ensure that those who connect with me your Transformational Guru G Coach will once you embrace my teachings and for those who take up my transformational enlightenment Journey of Life

About your Mystique Transformational Guru G Coach

Sanjeev Ganeshan is the Thought Leader, Mind Architect, The Chosen One, Entrepreneur, The Answer behind your Transformational Guru G Coach and Transformational Tribe. He was born in the Beautiful Paradise Isle of Sri Lanka where he currently resides with his Wife and his Beautiful baby daughter.

My Life Journey

My Life Journey both personal and professional has been a roller coaster of Happiness, Achievement, Success, recognition, hurt, sadness, humiliation, unfair treatment, Anger, Depression, taking the worst dive was when our 1st born baby son after 10 years of marriage passed away after being with us for a month. I couldn’t cope with it. It’s the worst life experience that one has to go through to say good bye to your son when he should have been the one to say goodbye to me. However, had to stay strong for the sake of my wife. To add to this my father the late Dr Ganesan who was my pillar of strength and a loving father passed away two months later. From then on, my life journey was with internal depression and outwardly masked by my smile to not to let others see what I was going through internally.

These life experiences took a toll on my self-confidence and a dark emptiness started haunting me with my career also taking a toll.

However, after years with the BLESSINGS of the Universe and Divine and the handful you wished the best for us, we were BLESSED with my beautiful daughter my true-life purpose was found. Before my Calling as with many have made mistakes that I regret now.

The reason for me opening out to the Universe and my tribe is that one should realize that your Transformational Guru G Coach did not attain or come to be here being a saint or dropped down from heaven…….To be here truly has been a CALLING from the Divine and Universe…..Can say my CALLING and TRUE PURPOSE to share and serve has itself been a Life Journey of experiences and life lessons for which in retrospect I am thankful and grateful for the Divine and Universe for bringing me through this journey cause it has meant that I know better and my personal journey itself and been a BLESSED Transformation of CALLING

Can Humbly say that I your transformational Guru G Coach is an experienced, learned and certified Transformative Guru G Coach…. continuing in his quest for Wisdom, knowledge and experiences whilst sharing and serving those seeking the same. Grateful and continue to be to my Gurus, mentors, coaches, swamis, great leaders, scientists and everyone because there is something, we can learn from everyone even your enemy

Personal knowledge gathered from my Academic qualifications having obtained my higher studies in the USA from the University of Wisconsin in International Business, Business Admin, Economics with a specialization in Marketing and the vast in-depth reading and research that I have delved into over the years together with reading into the scriptures and connecting with the Universe and Divine who have BLESSED me with knowledge and insight beyond what I even realize I had within me.

BLESSED to be also

  • Certified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner

Whether it be for personal, team, corporate excellence, peak performance, overcome obstacles, be a resilient team and connect with yourself and your team and let the rain of positive thoughts and vibrations from the Universe and Divine make your home and workplace become Spaces of Happiness, Safety, LOVE, productivity, enthusiasm and excellence….

Change your thoughts…. Change your Work Ethics and Attitude ………Change your Life

Workshops…Trainings or Transformational Retreats what ever you do by joining the Tribe the Vibe is Engaging, Interactive, Enlightening where Wisdom, Knowledge, Deep insights, New Age and Ancient Best Practices and techniques related to your Mind Body and Soul will be shared for you to Become the Best Version of yourself. After a session and Engagement with your Transformational Guru G Coach your life will never be the same…. You will find yourself…. Be Awakened……Be Enlightened and Be Transformed