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    Welcome to The Transformational Guru G Coach

    Welcome to the Universal Resource for anyone interested in Becoming the Best Version of Yourself in your Personal Life and Professional Life Journey. Here you will experience and embrace deep learnings in many aspects of the Universe, Energy, Quantum Physics, The Laws of Attraction, Manifestation, Mindfulness, Mindful Meditation, Meditation, Yoga, Positive Mindset, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Healing, Cleansing Belief, Hypnosis, Learnings from Ancient Civilizations and Scriptures and applying them to todays day to day Life both in your professional and personal Life Journeys, The Abundance Mindset, Mind Control, Becoming aware of your Conscious, Subconscious and superconscious Mind, Discovering your true potential, The New Age Marketing, Persuasion, Self Confidence, Being Groomed, Self-Awakening, Self-Realization, Mastery in Negotiations, Getting what you want, Anger and Stress Management, Body Language, Breaking the Habit, Rewiring your Mind all of which will ultimately lead you to become the Best Version of Yourself.

    I welcome you with open arms with LOVE to Awaken yourself to your true purpose, identify your core, your meaning to True HAPPINESS, Wealth and Health and Spirituality and for you to transform yourself to become the Best Version of Yourself in your personal and professional Life Journey. Welcome to the Universal Space of your Transformational Guru G Coach. Aside from nurturing your soul, the Learnings and Experiences will magnify the human experience on physical, financial, spiritual, emotional and mindfulness levels which will ultimately supersede your talent, ability, experience, education, skill level, intelligence or any other favorable attribute that you may have creating THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF

    My name is Sanjeev Ganeshan your Transformational Guru G Coach (G with utmost respect and Love for my Late father Dr V Ganeshan – A man who was compassionate, selfless and loving and was loved by his patients and all those who knew him for his healing touch and Mindfulness in his Life Journey ) and here will share everything that I have learnt and discovered and continue to do so in my life journey of my calling, in-depth Research, Life experience, and ultimately Mastery. Check out my blog for some of my latest Wisdom and Inspiration to guide you in your Life Journey to become the best version of yourself

    Programs | Transformational Guru G Coach

    How to become the Best Version of Yourself

    This signature Guided Journey by your Transformational Guru G Coach will guide you to transform your life and claim your personal power. You will be able to assess yourself, learn your Trigger Points, Overcoming your Obstacles, Increase your self-worth, Increase your self-confidence and finding your core and true self paving the path to the Best Version of yourself


    The Magic of being Able to Attract What You Want

    Whether it be in your Personal Life Journey or your Professional Life Journey what is it that you really want? For this you need to discover what you really want? And then you need to know how to be able to achieve or rather Attract what you really Want. From how to set Goals and the ways in which you can attract them. Manifestation and the Law of Attraction in depth will be those that will be shared with you for you to be welcomed into the Universal Space and to be awakened to the Magic of being able to attract what you want


    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for Personal and Professional Excellence

    What is NLP? Nero-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (Neuro) and language (linguistic) and how them working together affects our body and behavior which can also be referred to as programming).

    Here your Transformational Guru G Coach will whilst creating awareness to NLP and its techniques and processes for your personal and professional excellence will also share how NLP allows for transformational change for personal excellence through self-discovery, creating your identity, and pursuing your personal and professional Journey of Life


    Mindfulness Meditation

    When the Swirling and Mood swing thought “Demons” are getting the better of you resulting in Anxiety, Stress and Depression your Universal or Divine BLESSING will be Mindful Meditation.

    Your Transformational Guru G Coach will through Mindfulness techniques such as Guided Meditation and breathing practices, Mental Imagery, Awareness of body and mind, body muscle relaxation transform and transport you to a space of being fully focused on the “the now” creating the beautiful state where you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without any judgement.


    Transform to adopt an Abundance Mindset

    Whether it be Wealth, Health, Happiness or connecting with the Universe or Divine your higher Power, for all you need to embrace and adopt the abundance Mindset.

    In this Journey your Guru G Coach will share with you and enlighten you as to what are the Habits that are the blockages to your Abundance Mindset

    How to and yes, the practical ways in which you can and will be able to attract abundance to your daily Life


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